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A decision to change from a career in architecture to photography in 2011 paved the way for my path as an artist.

I began with an extreme series of wind-swept portraits called 'Blow Job', a new interpretation of Van Gogh's self-portrait 'Revealing the Truth' and ‘Comfort Zone’, a documentary photo project of beach sunbathers, each of which gained considerable attention.

The viral success of these projects led to exhibitions across the world, they've won numerous photo awards and opened opportunities for me to create campaigns for many high end brands including Samsung, New Yorker, BMW, Chupa Chups, etc.

After a 5 year long fun-ride, in 2016, I've decided to move to a more conceptual form of artistic expression with my newly created projects 'Black Balloons', 'Chromatic Aberrations', 'Adobe Acrobat'.

I live and work in Vilnius, Lithuania and continue to exhibit both photographic and art installation works globally.

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