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  Tadao Cern Auto

In spring of 2010 I wanted to try something new and stopped being an architect.

That 'something new' turned out to be art.


My projects 'Blow Job', 'Revealing The Truth' and 'Comfort Zone' got a lot of media attention and been published on many newspapers, magazines, TV and web sites including International New York Times, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Guardian Weekend, ZDF TV, ABC News, CBS News, Photo, The Telegraph, The Sun, BILD, La Repubblica, View, Quo, Zeit, The Atlantic... and many more.

I'm happy that I had a chance to work with companies such as Chupa Chups, Mentos, Samsung, BMW, New Yorker, Claro, etc.


First gallery to exhibit my work in 2014 was Saatchi Gallery, London.

Here's the list of all the exhibitions that I had so far:
2010 - ‘New York Faces’ personal exhibition at ‘Teatro Arena’, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 - ‘Blow Job’ at photo festival ‘Kaunas Photo’, Kaunas, Lithuania
2013 - ‘Paintography’ at art festival ‘Centras’, Kaunas, Lithuania
2013 - ‘Blow Job’ at photo festival ‘Photo Romania’, Cluj, Romania
2013 - ‘Blow Job’ at photo festival ‘Les Boreales’, Caen, France
2014 - 'Revealing The Truth - Van Gogh' in group exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2014 - 'Comfort Zone' at photo festival 'Images', Vevey, Switzerland
2014 - 'Comfort Zone' personal exhibition at 'Ingo Seufert Gallery', Munich, Germany
2015 - 'Paintography' and 'Comfort Zone' personal exhibition at 'nhow' gallery, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition at 'nhow' gallery in Berlin is open till 24th of April, 2014. Some images of it can be found here.


Today I travel around the world with my personal projects and commissions, knowing that there is a lot more exiting stuff to be tried out.

Don't be afraid to change something in your life, because that was one of my best decisions. Taking the risk paid off...

If you'd like to know more about me and my work - please don't hesitate and contact me via email or facebook