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Art Projects : Black Balloons | French Exit | Hanging Paintings | Revealing The Truth | Privileges | Chromatic Aberrations | Adobe Acrobat
Photography : Comfort Zone

My visual perception together with my creative process are very much influenced by the things that I’ve learned at the beginning as an architect. I was deeply interested in human anthropological behavior and habits – I worked around them and with them. Now, as an artist I have the same field of interest – I question what affects human actions in a certain way and can those things be changed. Art field is a laboratory for Homo Sapiens where each art piece is an experiment helping to distinguish our actions/interactions and natural behavior boundaries - as an artist you can document, change, create or get rid of them.

I take everyday objects or occurrences, strip them to their basic concepts and reintroduce them as art. This process works as a refreshment, helping us to see things that we forget and take for granted.

My creative style is very much affected by my architectural background as well: process is systematic; all my artistic decisions are calculated and I’m always looking for most hygienic expressions so the ideas would become as clean as possible.

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