Visual perception together with a creative process is very much influenced by the things that have been learned while working as an architect. I was deeply interested in human behavior and habits ā€“ I worked around or with them. Now, as for the artist, the field of interest stayed the same ā€“ I question what affects our actions in a certain way and can these things be changed. I operate in a laboratory where creative thinking serves as a foundation for experiments that are trying to envision our behavioral boundaries. As an artist, I document, transform, recreate or get rid of them.

It is a delight obligation to take mundane, banal objects or occurrences and strip them to their basic concepts which work as a refreshment, helping us to find things that have been forgotten or taken for granted.


My creative style is very much affected by my architectural background as well: the process is systematic; all my artistic decisions are calculated and Iā€™m always looking for the most hygienic expressions so ideas would become as clean as possible.